Black Mass is a perfect example of a group of extremely talented people coming to work every day, and performing their roles satisfactorily, void of any passion or creativity. I find myself wondering how anyone is to care at all about this film, when the people that have created it don’t really seem to be all that interested? From the cinematography to the sound work to the editing and even the acting, The entire film plays as if it’s been copied out of a textbook called “How to Make a Crime Drama in 10 Easy Steps”. The result is a film that is good, not great, and certainly not memorable. When one is granted the wealth of talent and proficiency that Black Mass boasts, this result is merely a passing grade.

3/5 F**ks Given

  • Arin

    If I might add, the storyline was also mediocre, which inevitably can affect everything that comes after it. There’s this attempt at a character build that does a decent job of getting us to be afraid of whats going to happen, what he’s going to become – and call me jaded and saturated with sensationalism, but he didn’t really turn out that scary, and I don’t think we can pin it all on the actor or the director. Maybe the actual events did transpire in a way more sinister way, and thus a reflection on poor writing. B grade all around 🙁

    • Brandon Fleet

      Hey Arin, you’re absolutely right. It’s like you’re stuck in “give-a-shit purgatory”, spending the entire film trying to decide if you actually want to invest in a character.

      I’ve had a chance to re-watch the film again for a third time since my initial rant above and I still have problems with this lingering displeasure in the entire film. I feel as though I am watching “by the numbers” film making and I expect so much more than that from everyone involved in this picture. It’s a bummer man, I had high hopes.