Are you new to Podcasting? Cool, Welcome!

This article is going to help you make it super easy to catch every episode of the MRML podcast whether you want to listen at home, at work, in your car, at the gym, on the bus, or wherever.

The first thing that you have to decide is where you want to listen to Movies Ruined My Life:
OPTION# 1– Will you listen at home, or maybe in the office? Really, I’m just trying to ask are you sitting in front of or near a computer?

OPTION# 2- Will you listen on your or phone or tablet? Maybe on a bus, train or street car? At the gym or in your car on your commute.

Once you decide this – We’re already half way there.

So let’s start with OPTION# 1 

Regardless of whether you are an apple user or a windows user it’s super easy to open up your choice browser – whether it’s chrome, safari, explorer, firefox, opera, etc etc. and visit our website at and listen instantly. The cool thing about this is that you get all of the episodes archived complete with show notes, photos, links to things that we think are cool that pertain to the episode – lots of extra junk. Which is kinda sweet, I’m not going to lie to you.

You can also scroll down the podcast tab in the menu of our website to find some other cool ways to listen to us, including through our Soundcloud page, or for you Apple users, by subscribing on iTunes.

Lastly I know a lot of people, many of which are Firefox users, who are already using something like feedly or an in browser RSS agregator, now if you’re already doing this, visit our website and in the podcast tab in our menu click “Subscribe via RSS” – this is going to give you the info that you need to add MRML to your choice feed reader. cool? cool.

Alright so now for OPTION# 2… (and this is how I like to listen to podcasts, by the way.)

If you’re on the go and you’re looking for entertainment there’s no better way to enjoy podcasting in my opinion than by having it ready and waiting for you on your phone or tablet.

If you’re an Iphone or Ipad user – The Podcast app comes native on your device. So simply click the Icon, type Movies Ruined My Life into the search bar, and select subscribe – now you can stream or download our newest episode for listening whenever and however you want. Yes, it’s that easy… I know right?

If you’re an Android user, there’s a handful of options for you, and we’re going to go through some of my favorite now (ranks /4 stars)

Soundcloud App. ****

Stitcher ***

TuneIn Radio ***

Other Options:

Podcast Republic *** **

Podbean **

and soon… Google Play.


I hope this has been helpful – if you still want to chat more about it, shoot us a line @mrmlpodcast on twitter or email and we’ll do our best to help you out.